Brick Walls

Thanks to DNA Evidence, the Oliver Albro Jr. living in Ellisburg, New York born in 1813 in Hartford is ours. He is married to Orpha. Oliver and Orpha are living in Cayuga County in 1850. Their son, Oscar is 3 months old. In 1860 and 1870 Oliver is back in Jefferson County, with Lydia. Oscar is 9 years old on the 1860 Census. Everything points to this being our Oliver. We have DNA proof!


Where is LeGrand Rowe buried? He doesn't show up in the family plot in Cherry Creek Central Cemetery. His wife's obituary states she lived in the south for many years. Could it be they moved back south, somewhere, and he died there. But where? We have checked some in Kentucky, where he got discharged from the army, but so far nothing.


  • 1850 & 1870 & 1900 US Census