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Albro Rhode Island Marriages

From Vital Records of R.I. 1636 to 1850

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Note from transcriber: Some discrepancys in the records have come to my attention. I have tried to let the reader know when a record may have an error. I've tried to make this a faithful reproduction. Naturally, anything here should be verified other ways.

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Bride NameGroom NameDatePerformed By:Other Info
Albro, Caroline of WarwickWarner, William W. of WarwickJuly 7, 1833Rev. Moses FitfieldSon of Christopher, Dau. of Jacob of Portsmouth.
Loveland, Thankful H.Albro, Irus Jr.Feb 22, 1835Elder Moses FifieldSon of Irus, Daughter of Leonard
Crandell, OliveAlbro, OliverFeb 18, 1793Thomas Allen, Justice  
Smith, PatienceAlbro, JohnOct 13, 1788   
Albro, Mrs. SophiaAlbro, Samuel W.July 12, 1846Elder Zalman TobeyDaughter of Crandell Lewis
Albro, Francis F. of WarwickWhitman, Russell B. of Sterling, Conn.Aug. 6, 1846Rev. Moses FitfieldSon of Brayton, Dau. of Gardner
Harrington, Nancy.Albro, Gardener G.Nov 23, 1843  
Lewis, SophiaAlbro, Samuel W.Oct 20, 1840   
Albro, Paulina G.Merrill, William B.Nov 15, 1847Rev. Moses FitfieldSon of Wm. G. Dau. of John
Albro, Eliza of WarwickStone, Jason P.of CoventryOct 8, 1839Rev. Thomas Dowling 
Spencer, Lydia of East GreenwichAlbro, John of North KingstownJan 15, 1740John Spencer JusticeSon of John, Dau. of Samuel
Andrews, Deborah of East GreenwichAlbro, Job of West GreenwichNov 18, 1764Thomas Shippee Justice 
Conves, SarahAlbro, SamuelJune 29, 1777Elder James Wightman 
Mitchell, Sarah of East GreenwichJohnson, Thomas of Frankfort, NY.Sept 29, 1812James Miller JusticeNow wife of Wm. Albro, Son of Christopher
Bentley, HannaAlbro, StephenMar 19, 1786  
Albro, Isabel of West GreenwichBriggs, Francis of ExeterNov 11, 1783Benjamin JohnsonSon of Peleg, Dau. of Peter
Hopkins, AnnAlbro, PeterFeb 11, 1748  
Hopkins, AmeyAlbro, StephenSept 4, 1791  
Albro, MarthaJenkins, BenjaminSept 7, 1769Job Spencer, JusticeSon of Zephanian dec., Dau. of John
Albro, AsaJohnson, ElishaMay 12, 1793Elder Nathan HillSon of Benjamin, Dau. of Sarah m. at E. Greenwich
Matteson, ElizabethAlbro, George W.Nov 25, 1820  
Parker, Jane of HopkintonSweet, Albro of ExeterFeb 15, 1767Job Spencer Justice 
Reynolds, MarthaAlbro, JohnMay 28, 1785  
Albro, Elisabeth M.Hoel, William H.Feb 19, 1844Rev. James A.MackenzieBoth of Providence
Albro, Mary E. of WarwickGreene, Thomas of ProvidenceJan 24, 1848Rev. John P. ClevelandSon of Thomas
Eddy, SusanAnthony, AlbroJan 7, 1836?Rev. William C. ManchesterDate isn't clear
Albro, RispahHarrington, RussellJan 13, 1846Elder George Tyler 
Albro, Sarah Ann W. of FosterJohnson, Alexander of CoventryDec 27, 1829Elder Charles Stone 
Potter, PatienceAlbro, CalebMar 7, 1797  
Potter, Ruth G.Albro, Stephen G.Mar. 29, 1840  
Schooler, AmieTripp, AlbroApril 28, 1793Elder John WestcottSon of Benjamin, Dau. of Christopher (dec)
Albro, SusannahAnthony, John1693-4 No month or day in record
Heffernan, Suzanna of NewportAnthony, Albro of Portsmouth.June 30, 1727Job Lawton Justice 
Anthony, Sarah AnnAlbro, DavidNov. 13, 1852  
Albro, AliceParker, Joseph S. (Could it be Barker?)Jan. 3, 1821Rev. Michael EddySon of Esbon, Dau. of David
Barker, HannahAlbro, ChristopherDec. 20, 1821 At Portsmouth Dau. of Esbon. In Patriot of Dec. 26, 1821
Beloo, AbigailAlbro, John Jr.June 7, 1713  
Coggeshall, Elizabeth.Albro, DavidNov. 19, 1761  
Albro, PhebeCook, Daniel Jr.Nov. 2, 1817Rev. Michael Eddy 
Dickson, SarahAlbro, GideonAug. 3, 1800?  
Dring, Caroline of PortsmouthAlbro, Joshua of NewportOct. 28, 1762Rev. Gardener Thurston 
Albro, Ruth of PortsmouthHoward, Stephen of Ashford, Conn.April 28, 1765Jonathan Freeborn JusticeDau. of Samuel
Lawton, RuthAlbro, SamuelNov. 25, 1725  
Manchester, Eliza of MiddletownAlbro, Peleg of PortsmouthMar. 17, 1822Rev. Mr. EddyAt Newport. Dau of Late Samuel. In Patriot of Mar. 30, 1822
Albro, SarahMartin, JosephDec, 27, 1750Robert Lawton Asst. 
Peckham, LydiaAlbro, GideonJuly 27, 1794  
Albro, MaryShearman, John of PortsmouthJan. 31, 1812Rev. Michael EddySon of Samuel, Dau. of Robert
Sisson, AbigailAlbro, DanielSept. 23, 1755  
Stokes, MaryAlbro, John Jr.April 27, 1693  
Tabor, MaryAlbro, JonathanOct. 21, 1759  
Tabor, InnocentAlbro, RobertJuly 2, 1786  
Tabor, RebeccaAlbro, JamesDec. 8, 1793  
Tabor, SarahAlbro, JohnJan 24, 1796  
Weeden, RebeccaAlbro, SamuelSept. 13,1764Elder John Maxson 
Albro, SarahDowning, BenjaminNov. 9, 1809Rev. Michael EddySon of Nicholus, Dau. of Henry
Taylor, Martha S. of NewportAlbro, Caleb J. of PortsmouthJune 27, 1839Rev. A. Henry Damont 
Burden, Elmira of PawtucketAlbro, John F. of NewportSept. 26, 1833Rev. Michael Eddy 
Albro, Rhoda J.Dawler, Oliver J.Feb. 7, 1841Rev. Thomas Leaver 
Murphy, NancyAlbro, SilasAug. 20, 1844Rev. Thatcher Thayer 
Mitchell, Mary G. of Sandwich, Mass.Albro, Thomas L. of PortsmouthAug. 19, 1847Rev. Richard Livsey 
Moulton, Mary C. of NewportAlbro, Samuel M. of PortsmouthNov. 15, 1849Rev. B. OthmanSon of Peleg, Dau. of Sidney S.
Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth (Could be Taber)Albro, JonathanDec. 2, 1773  
Sisson, Phebe of PortsmouthAlbro, David Jr. of MiddletownOct.13, 1796Elder William Bliss 
Albro, Susan B.Barker, JosephJuly 18, 1841Rev. Elijah Burrows 
Remington, PenelopeAlbro, Charles? Clarke?Sept. 8, 1768Benjamin Underwood, WardenSon of John, Dau. of John dec.
Albro, Ruth A. of New BedfordLamanyon, Latham of TivertonOct. 15, 1854Rev. A. H. Worthington 
Browning, MaryAlbro, BenoniJan. 1744Benjamin Weight, Justice of PeaceNo day listed
Cole, JaneAlbro, Samuel, Jr.Dec. 3, 1758  
Albro, DorcasPhillips, ThomasApril 23, 1761By Samuel Browning, Justice of peaceSon of Samuel, Dau. of Major Samuel
Albro, Mrs. MarthaPhilips, WilliamMar. 14, 1782George Thomas Justice of PeaceSon of William, Widow of Capt. James
Albro, Ann Kingsley, Sewall of North KingstownMar. 1784Eher Sherman Justice of PeaceSon of Coggeshall, Dau. of James
Albro, ElizabethGardener, David Jan 26, 1791George Thomas Justice of PeaceSon of Benjamin, Dau. of Robert
Albro, EuniceWhithorne, JamesOct. 12, 1758Jeremiah Crandell Justice 
Teft, MaryAlbro, JerimiahOct. 15, 1758Jerimiah Crandell Justice 
Albro, Hannah of Richmond, RI.Letson, Michael of N. KingstownSept. 28, 1760Jeremiah Crandell Justice 
Smith, Lucy AnnAlbro, Edmund R.Feb. 24, 1848Rev. Wilson Cogswell 
Albro, Phebe A. of Exeter, RI.Rose, Samuel of S. KingstonAug. 4, 1850Rev. John Slocum 
Northrup, MaryAlbro, CalebJuly 15, 1724Rouse Helme Assistant 
Albro, AbigailBranan, JosephJune 27, 1725  
Sherman, MaryAlbro, PassavalDec. 21, 1732Rouse Helme Assistant 
Congdon, MargaretAlbro, SamuelJune 25, 1784Samuel Telft Justice 
Watson, HannahAlbro, Joshua of N. KingstownSept. 13, 1750Donald Coggeshall AssistantSon of Caleb, Dau. of Jeffrey
Albro, Mary of N. KingstownBrowning, Robert of S. KingstownMar. 9, 1777  
Gould, Susannah of S. KingstownAlbro, Ray of CharlestownDec. 11, 1700Rev. Samuel Helme Justice 
Perry, MercyAlbro, GeorgeFeb. 26, 1836 Dau. of John R. and Sally (Gould)
Albro, AnnHolland, Nicholus N.Feb. 1, 1841Rev. Silas Leonard 
Albro, LouisaBarber, Phineas P.Mar. 18, 1841  
Jarkwarys, ElizabethAlbro, Christopher R.Dec. 11, 1842Rev. Wilson Coggeshall 
Hazard, AliceAlbro, JonathanOct. 6, 1850Rev. Henry C. CoombsSon of Horatio
Hopkins, Sarah of W. GreenwichAlbro, Thomas of ExeterJan. 27, 1772Rev. Thomas Weightman 
Albro, RuthAlbro, WaiteJan. 25, 1776Rev. James WeightmanSon of Elder Samuel of Exeter, Dau. of John
Albro, Almy of ExeterFranklin, Jeremiah of W. GreenwichMay 30, 1819Elder Gershom Palmer at CoventrySon of Joshua, Dau. of Silas. In Patriot of June 9, 1819
Lewis, Edith of ExeterAlbro, Jebus (sic) of ExeterNo DateElder Thomas ManchesterSon of Waite, Dau. of Capt. Stephen
Albro, Alice of ExeterTefft, Joseph Jr. of RichmondMay 22, 1771Elder Solomon SpragueSon of Joseph, Dau. of Samuel
Albro, Martha of N. KingstownWilcox, Noah of RichmondNov. 15,1789Elder Henry Joslin 
Barton, Elizabeth of WarrenAlbro, Benjamin of NewportMay 15, 1836Rev. George W. Hathaway (St. Marks Church?)Son of James, Dau. of Samuel (Could be Benton)
Albro, Sarah of MiddletownClapp, Daniel Jr. of Pomfret, Conn.Sept. 25, 1812At Friends Meeting House, NewportSon of Daniel and Elizabeth, Dau. of David and Elizabeth
Hicks, Leah of TivertonAnthony, WilliamFeb. 18, 1761 Son of Albro and Susan, Dau. of Samuel and Susanna
Taber, Elizabeth of Little Compton (Could be Taylor)Albro, Jonathan of PortsmouthDec. 2, 1773Rev. Gardiner Thurston 
Henry, Elizabeth of PortsmouthAlbro, JohnDec. 26, 1779Rev. Gardiner Thurston 
Albro, Ann of PortsmouthSisson, JobApril. 14, 1782Rev. Gardiner Thurston 
Albro, AbigailAlbro, HenrySept. 29, 1771Elder John GortonSon of Samuel, Dau. of John
Jillson, Parden P. of ProvidenceAlbro, Dorcus of S. KingstownNov. 15, 1812 Abt.Elder James WilsonPublished Nov. 1, 8, 15, 1812
Standfield, ElizabethAlbro, BenjaminAug. 18, 1802Rev. Stephen Gano, M.D.Could be Elizabeth Stanton. Aug. 31, 1802 Prov. Phenix
Albro, Susan B. of NewportUnderwood, Weeden T. of S. KingstownDec. 25, 1831Elder James McKensieMarried at Newport
Albro, Abby of ProvidenceJerdan, Alfred M. of Winsor, Mass.Nov. 1, 1840Elder James McKensieMarried at Providence
Justins, PermilliaAlbro, GeorgeSept. 27, 1838Elder James McKensie 
Albro, Ruth B. age 45, of Fall River. 3rd MarriageSisson, Daniel H. age 46, Mason, of Westport.
2nd Marriage
May 16, 1869Elder James McKensieSon of George and Mahala, Dau. of John P. and Sarah Sanford, b. Middletown. Married at Tiverton
Albro, Phebe, widowRogers, William, "Sailor, Single"May 2, 1819 Married at Roxbury
Card, LucyAlbro, __Dec. 2, 1837  
Kenyan, Sarah G.Albro, WilliamMar. 19, 1843  
Rose, NancyAlbro, ?? (d. Sept. 6, 1869)Mar. 27, 1842  
Russell, Caroline Age 17, b. Boston, of SeekonkAlbro, William Henry Age 20, b. and of ProvidenceNov. 11, 1860Rev. James (George?) O. BarneySon of Burden and Hannah, Dau. of Geo. and Margaret (Elderkin) Russell
Peck, Albethina Albro Age 24, 2nd Marriage. b. and of ProvidenceMiller, William H. Age 28. b. and of SeekonkNov. 15, 1869Viall Medbury Esq.Son of John and Susan. Dau of ?? Albro
German,Lydia age 34, 2nd Marriage b. Providence, of SeekonkLewis, George b. Lynn, of SeekonkJune 24, 1882 Son of John and Betsy, Dau. of Borden and Hannah Albro
Warner, IsabellaAlbro, JohnMar. 8, 1795Rev. David BenedictAt Pawtucket
Albro, Nancy Of N. Providence? ? of AttleboroMay 10, 1818  
Albro, Sally of PawtucketJenckes, Alfred of Holmesburg, Pa.Nov. 2, 1820Rev. Dr. BenedictAt Pawtucket
Browning, LoisAlbro, Samuel Jr.June 3, 1736Dr. James McSparranAt house of Samuel Browning in N. Kingstown
Albro, Huldah of FosterEddy, William Jr. of ProvidenceSept. 6,1794 (date in Prov. Gazette) Dau. of Job
Albro, PhebeCranston, ThomasOct. 31, 1818 (date in Prov. GazetteRev. Mr. EddyAt Newport
Albro, Alice of PortsmouthBarker, Joseph S. of Portsmouth)Jan. 9, 1821 At Newport. In Patriot of Jan. 10,1821
Albro, Susan of NewportBarker, Benedict S. Of NewportJan. 9, 1821 In Patriot of Jan. 10, 1821
Cooke, Phebe of PortsmouthAlbro, William of PortsmouthJan. 9-10, 1821 at Newport Dau. of Daniel. In the Phenix & Patriot
Albro, Hannah of PortsmouthAlmy, William M. of PortsmouthFeb. 24, 1824  At Portsmouth. Dau. of Gideon. In Patriot 25th.
Albro, Rachel of CoventryBudlong, John A. of CranstonJuly 26, 1825Rev. Mr. Henry TatemAt Cranston. In Patriot same date.
Crandell, MaryAlbro, JamesSept. 26, 1809. At Newport Dau. of late Capt. Joshua. Phenix of Sept. 30.
Seamans, Amey Ann B. of ProvidenceAlbro, James of providenceMar. 16, 1826Rev. Mr. BrownIn Phenix same date.
Albro, FrancisSouthwick, WilliamApril 23, 1826Rev. Mr. GammellRhode Island American says May 23, 1826
Babcock, Susan P. of WarwickAlbro, Job of WarwickOct. 22, 1826Rev. Mr. WilsonIn Oct 26, Journal. One record says Job was of Foster.
Albro, Harriet of ProvidenceBarstow, Edwin of Providence (Could be Baston)Sept. 28, 1828Rev. Mr. SanbornAt Providence
Albro, Elizabeth of S. KingstownDavis, William of S. KingstownNov. 23, 1828Rev. Mr. Crandell at S. KingstownDau. of Stephen. Journal of Dec 4, 1828
Randall, Eliza of ProvidenceAlbro, Joseph G. of ProvidenceDec. 31, 1828Rev. Mr. PhilipsAt Providence
Spooner, Mary Ann of NewportAlbro, James Jr. of NewportJuly 23, 1829 Dau. Samuel. At Newport
Albro, Barbara of FosterScott, Simon of CoventryAug. 23, 1818By Rev. Mr. Stone At Newport 
Albro, PhebePetty, Moses of WestportJune 5, 1827 American At Portsmouth
Albro, Abby G. of ProvidenceBarstow, Thomas of ProvidenceJan. 26, 1833Rev. Mr. HortonFrom R.I. American
Barrows, Sophia of ProvidenceAlbro, Joseph of NewportOct. 20, 1826. At Providence Dau. of Dr. Thomas


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